Welcome To Market Overton Parish Council

Welcome To Market Overton Parish Council

Welcome to the Market Overton Parish Council Website

This website is the official site for all business in connection with your Parish Council. Parish Councils have powers granted by Parliament to raise money through the “Precept” from Local Authority Council Taxes to spend on services and statutory duties to the benefit of their residents. Market Overton has a statutory duty to make “transparent” all our day to day business and financial expenditure within our village to you, the residents.

Details of our seven Councillors and their individual responsibilities are here as well as details of all recent and archived Minutes from our Council Meetings. The Minutes discuss and record all matters related to Market Overton Parish Council including Planning Applications. Also, all financial details are recorded and finally summarised in the Annual Audit which legally must be published each year.

The website also provides the context for the work of the Parish Council by including further information about the village including history, village organisations, events, local facilities, contacts and more.

For a population of some 500. Market Overton has a host of services and institutions which make it the ideal place to live. From Cricket to Pantomimes, Burns Nights to Bowls, Community Shop to  Snooker the, the village has so much to offer.

There is a village Facebook group which you can find here https://www.facebook.com/groups/303257889880846 

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About The Parish Council

The Parish Council is a corporate body, granted powers by Parliament, including the important authority to raise money through taxation (the Precept) and a range of powers to spend public money.

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Market Overton History

Situated in the north of the county on an escarpment overlooking the Vale of Catmose the parish borders Leicestershire and the parishes of Teigh, Thistleton, Barrow and Cottesmore.

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Market Overton Local Facilities

Market Overton Allotments - Market Overton Bowls Club - Market Overton Cricket Club - Market Overton Surgery - Market Overton Snooker Club, and more..